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For some people, free STD testing makes sense from a financial perspective and we highly recommend that decision. Regretfully, free testing is a myth and usually an inferior medical experience which leads individuals to not get tested. We built STD Testing Tampa to make testing and treatment as low cost, private, and quick as possible.

Compare STD Testing Tampa to Free STD Testing:

Tampa STD Testing
Free Services
Test Cost ✔ Low cost testing Sometimes Free - depends on income and test availability
Insurance Taken ✔ Yes, we accept most national insurance providersMedicaid only
Appointments ✔ No appointment needed! Can take weeks to get an appointment.
Test Availability ✔ No Limit Rationed amount of tests available per day
Confidentiality ✔ 100% Private. People in the waiting area will not know why you are there and tests will not appear on your medical record. Your Confidentiality is not guaranteed
Early HIV Detection Tests ✔ We offer the HIV DNA early detection test. Not available
Treatment ✔ Prescription treatment or referral ✔ Prescription treatment or referral
Customer Service ✔ Satisfaction Guaranteed! Our Care Center is available 7 days a week from 7AM to 10PM CST for you. Non existent
Uncomfortable Environment ✔ Skilled staff and clean testing facilities. We work with the largest laboratories in the country, Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp Public health service are usually underfunded and staff can be over worked
* All patient requests for test orders are subject to evaluation and authorization by our doctors in accordance with state laws.

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